Web Design & Development

We specialize in custom design solutions that give your brand an immediate recognition and keeps it consistent across all devices.

Seamless transitions, userfriendly design, and clear messaging increases user engagement and rate of conversion.


Technical Support

We have you covered even if you need help with a small change on your website or to develop a whole new feature. You will be kept up to date with the status of all the tasks on a regular basis so you know exactly where we are at.

If your website is not designed or developed by us you can still contact us for support and we will try to help you as much as we can.


Web Hosting

We provide great hosting solutions specific to your website needs. Not all websites are the same and they require a different set of resources to perform well. Here at Simple Brackets, we understand the importance of quality hosting solutions so you can stay rest assured knowing that:

High Performance

Expect your website to load faster. Website load speed is critical for good user experience and helps you keep your site visitors on the website longer.


We release regular security updates so your investment is secure from any kind of malware or hacker attacks.

Monitored daily

We make it a priority when your site needs any attention and we reach out to you when there is a need for your approval.

Regular Backups

Backups are made daily so your website can be restored to its previous versions when required.


We take care of all your technical requirements so you can focus on what you do best.

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