Terms & Conditions

We know you’re busy, so we’ve tried to keep our terms and conditions relevant, clear, and easy to understand. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


  • Simple Brackets is referred to as Simple Brackets, We, Us, Our
  • Our registered name is “Simple Brackets Limited” Company Number: 7524856
  • The Client is referred to as The Client, You, Your

Our Responsibilities

Simple Brackets commits to:
Provide the client website design, development and website hosting services that perform the functions detailed under the agreed package and additional functionality sections of the project information.

  • To perform all services in a timely, professional manner
  • To respond to all client queries in a timely and professional manner
  • To provide a quote or estimate, before undertaking any additional work required to complete the website that has not been agreed on and stated in the project information
  • To employ our best efforts to remedy any functional issues after the website is built

Your Responsibilities

Website design is a collaborative effort. As a client, you commit to:
Promptly reply to our requests for logos, branding, images, and other information we require to complete your website.
Follow our instructions relating to the formats we require this information so we can work with it effectively
Promptly respond to our requests for feedback and approval of design concepts.

Ensure any employee or agent of your company dealing with us is authorised to make decisions relating to the website, on behalf of your company.
Be responsible for making Simple Brackets fully aware of their website functionality requirements prior to commencing their project.

The client must ensure these requirements are listed in the project information under the package functionality, or quoted under the additional functionality. Simple Brackets will not be obligated to undertake any additional functionality requests that are not listed in the project information. If additional functionality requirements come to hand after the project has commenced, and they are within the technical scope of Simple Brackets’s ability, they will be quoted on and agreed to before work on these aspects will commence.

Website Design

Included with your website package, your website concept can be revised up to three times if necessary. If any further revisions are required, these will be done at $120 per hour.
Once the design concept is approved, any additional design changes needed, will be done at $120 per hour. Any additional functionality or programming tasks will be done at $120 per hour. Approvals can be made verbally or in writing.

A discreet ‘website designed by Simple Brackets’ message will be placed in the footer of the website. We may choose to feature the website in our portfolio to showcase our work.
Your website will function correctly on all of the latest versions of the most popular web browsers provided all relevant technologies are installed. Popular browsers are Microsoft Edge, Firefox/Mozilla, Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported. The appearance of your site may differ slightly from browser to browser, due to the way the browsers render content.

Your website will be fully mobile responsive and will function correctly on all popular devices like Android tablets, android phones, iPhone, iPad etc.
Simple Brackets takes no responsibility whatsoever for issues relating to copyright infringement based on text, images or any other material provided to us, and will act on the instruction of the client. It is the client’s responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure the content they provide is not under copyright. If it is found that we have been supplied with materials under copyright and are instructed by court authority to take the content down, we will of course comply. The client will absorb all costs related to copyright infringement, including development time to comply with court requests.

If you wish to integrate any third party software with your website, Simple Brackets takes no responsibility whatsoever for issues relating to the suitability, functionality, or compatibility of that software with the website.

If you wish to integrate any third party software with your website, Simple Brackets takes no responsibility whatsoever for issues relating to the suitability, functionality, or compatibility of that software with the website.

All photography and graphics for the website are to be supplied by the client at the client’s expense. Any photography or graphics already in the template can be included free of charge.
Simple Brackets is not responsible for obtaining listings for your website on google, or other search engines. This is a separate field from web design, called search engine optimisation (SEO). If you need help with SEO we can put you in touch with our marketing team who can help.

The website design will be based around the design approved in the project information. For informational websites (versus eCommerce) the approved design will be used as a starting point create the front end design only.

Colours differ from computer to computer, based on individual visitors’ colour and monitor settings. Likewise, colours may appear differently when viewed on mobile devices.
Fonts may appear differently from browser to browser, based on browser settings, computer settings, or the due to limitations of the browsers themselves.

Website Hosting

Your website will be built on the platform that is more suitable for your needs and is preferred by you. All the details relating to the platform will be shared with you in detail so you can make a right judgement on which platform you would like your website built on. We work with multiple platform and this allows us to build a solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. Websites with Open source platforms can be hosted elsewhere but website build on other platforms can not be hosted elsewhere other than the platform providers. If you want us to host your website with open source platform, we will be happy to host it on our ultra fast, highly secure servers.
Included with the hosting service, you will also receive support free of charge for up to 15 minutes per month, and we will also take regular backups of your website.

Website hosting will be charged at the price quoted in the project information, paid monthly using credit card, or annually in advance via bank transfer. No payment of web design services or web hosting fees may result in the suspension of your hosting account until payment is made.

Website hosting payments will begin after two weeks once we have finished our work on it. The two weeks time period after we have done our bits on the website is for you to load all the content as necessary. In case you like to go live with your new website immediately the hosting fee needs to be paid before we are able make the website Backup copies of your website files can be provided on request, to provide added security and peace of mind in the unlikely event that Simple Brackets was unable to continue hosting the website.

A fair use policy is in place for disk space and bandwidth usage. 6GB disk space and 10GB bandwidth per month is considered fair use.
Simple Brackets will make all reasonable efforts to ensure website loading speed and uptime is at optimum levels, but will not be held liable by the client for issues relating to server performance or website functionality.

Requests to cancel web hosting and/or domain name registration services must be made in writing. Simply asking for a UDAI code will not cancel your hosting and domain payments. Payments will continue until written notice is received.

Support for your website, website hosting and email will be available to you during our usual working hours, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Payment Terms

All prices quoted are excluding GST.
Before beginning your project, a 50% deposit of the design package price is required. This deposit is non-refundable as it covers Simple Brackets for the purchase of your initial consultation and design work.

The remaining amount of the design package payment will be invoiced as per the project agreement. Note this is not the launch or “go live” phase, which will occur once the content is loaded.
Additional functionality may be invoiced as it is completed, or in a combined invoice with the design package remainder.
All invoices are due 7 days from invoice date unless otherwise stated.

In extreme cases of continued non-payment, we reserve the right to engage our collections agency to obtain outstanding funds, and suspend the web and email hosting. In such cases, the client will pay any associated collection costs.