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Search engine optimisation or SEO uses techniques to optimise the way your website appears in search engine results pages. Simply put, a well-implemented SEO strategy will get your website to rank high in search results.

Billions of consumers use the internet to search for information about products or services. If your company ranks highly, you’re much more likely to attract them to your website.

Copywriting Services

Our copywriting services include

Full website contentwriting

You only have one chance to make a great impression. Professionally written copy on your website is as important as great design. It encourages your customers to buy and engage, highlights your point of difference, and improves your SEO.

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Product and category descriptions

Search is important when it comes to e-commerce. A good copywriter will list more than just the details of your product, they also highlight the benefits and perhaps add some humour or emotion to convince your audience to buy now.

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Blogs and newsarticles

Regular new content should be part of your marketing mix. Google will reward you with better rankings if your copy adds to the user experience. You need website copy that’s to the point, useful, and informative. You can achieve it with a blog.

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Social media content creation

Social media is a good way to promote your business and drive website traffic, but the content must be right. Social media means conversations and interaction via posts, stories, and chats. When done right, it can accelerate your business growth.

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Branded and sponsored content

With sponsored or branded content, meaning co-producing stories with others or paid posts on a different platform, can help you gain traction and build awareness for your brand. It also gives you valuable backlinks and can increase your reach.

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Media campaigns and press releases

For brand awareness and to tell your story, there’s nothing quite as effective as positive media coverage. Most publications and influencers work with a commercial model, but media coverage is still possible without a hefty bill. It’s done with good PR.

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Professional SEO

Why is SEO important?

An intelligent and well-executed SEO strategy is a long-term investment that will get you great results over a long period.

The four main benefits of SEO are:

1. Drive high-quality traffic

A good SEO strategy helps you to attract high-quality traffic. When a customer has a problem and searches for a solution, your website will rank high to solve their problem or answer their question. This makes them much more likely to buy your product or service.

2. It’s cost-effective

When your website ranks high for a particular search term, you will receive a steady flow of traffic. Implementing an SEO strategy means making an initial upfront investment in SEO optimisation and content. Still, it is a much more cost-effective marketing strategy in the long run.

3. Get better results

Consumers have learned to ignore traditional online advertisements. Organic and high-quality content that is optimised for search will get you much better results. People trust sources of value as opposed to sources of promotion.

4. Beat your competition

If your company isn’t optimising your website for search, you can be sure that your competitors are. The best way to beat your competition online is to work with an experienced SEO agency like Simple Brackets.

Auckland SEO experts that get results

Simple Brackets is one of Auckland’s top SEO agencies with a track record of success. To date, we have worked with hundreds of NZ businesses to help them with their online marketing needs. We approach SEO from an analytical lens to ensure you get maximum benefits from every dollar spent.

This is how we work:

  • Consultation. We start with a free, no-obligation consultation with you to discuss your needs.
  • Planning. Our team will then conduct an SEO website audit, analyse your products and services, and investigate your competitors. Once we understand your market, we do extensive keyword research.
  • Implementation. Our team will execute your SEO strategy depending on which specific SEO services suit your needs best.
  • Reporting. Finally, we provide detailed reports to show you the effectiveness of our SEO techniques.

SEO services we offer

Local SEO
Improve your rankings for specific NZ locations.

Link Building
Build high-quality backlinks to your website.

Ecommerce SEO
Optimise your Ecommerce website for SEO.

On-site optimisation
Optimise your pages for on-page ranking factors.

Off-site optimisation
Optimise your pages for off-page ranking factors.

SEO content creation
Create compelling SEO content that drives traffic.

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Very happy with the end result! The logo, website and the content, It’s exactly what we were looking for. Yogesh and the team really listen to your business requirements, what you have to say and guide you on the right path.They have been very helpful and super easy to communicate to. Very much affordable with high-quality service, I would highly recommend simple brackets to everyone.

— Yvette Gill
Director at Home Clean Team Ltd


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