Backlinks are the links on a website leading to a resource or page on an external website. In order to develop a higher ranking in SERPs, the number of quality backlinks matters a lot.

In simple words, these are the votes of value given by other websites to your site making it much easier to reach the top. It gives credibility to your content. As we all know that Google’s ranking algorithm is ever-changing, but this one factor has been in the picture for long.

Are all backlinks equally valuable?

Let’s say the top websites in your niche linked back to your site. Will it be the same if a new website does the same? Not really, because the former is old and authoritative whereas the latter has just entered the scene. Also, websites with poor content or broken links might not be the best choice. 5 high-quality backlinks are much more valuable than 20 low-quality links. Therefore, links from trusted sources should always be a priority for ranking higher.

How to ensure you get quality links?

For generating quality backlinks, you firstly need to focus on the most important aspect of your site. Yes, the content. Why will credible websites link back to your site if there is nothing useful for their audience? You must have something useful like blog posts, videos, audios, etc. that are worth linking back to.

Always remember that people are in search of new and exciting content. If your content is unique and high-quality, you are already one step ahead of your competitors in link building. Also, try to keep it long and detailed since no one really links back to a 500-word blog post explaining the basics.