Website owners often direct all their focus on links generated from outside sources or backlinks. Backlinks do play an important role in improving SEO but are you including enough links from other sources on your site? Outbound links are the links appearing on your site that are pointing to other websites.

How do we use outbound links?

Outbound links are used to link related information to the topic you have written on your own website, in order to provide users with detailed knowledge. It is not possible to add every relevant point in your own article which is why choosing the best sources to provide extra information can be really useful for the users. This improves your user experience by helping them in obtaining further information on trusted websites. Outbound links are also used to give credit to the sources you went to for building your knowledge base or kick start your thinking process.

Importance of credible sources

It is of utmost importance to include links from credible sources with useful content. This will not only provide your users with quality content but also help you in improving relationships with other businesses in your industry. Adding links to other websites in your content will also help you in improving SEO. When you link high-quality content on your page, it improves your content’s worth as well.

You are not sending your traffic away!

The most common myth that website owners have is that adding links to other websites on your page send relevant traffic away from their site. Remove this misconception from your head since it will only help you in growing your website in the long run. Also, the facts that you are stating in your content must be proved genuine through evidence. By supporting the facts with the content or information available on some of the top-rated websites on the web, you earn credibility.

Other than including outbound links, what matters is the way you implement it. For example, the right anchor text ensures people click on the links and gain further information. Try to analyze your competitors and see how they use this tactic for improving their ranking. Never link back to sources that offer a poor user experience since Google takes the credibility of sources into consideration to determine the value of your website.