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Strategically delivered words that make visitors take action

A good copywriter is an expert at satisfying your website’s two most important audiences: the search engine and your customer.

Google rewards websites if they hold the target audience, along with their ability to persuade people to interact with the site by clicking on the calls-to-action.

The bounce rate, page depth and time spent on the site is all monitored by the search engines, and it matters in your rankings. There’s a lot more to it than just keywords and phrases.

Well-written, relevant, valuable, entertaining, and error-free content is hugely important for your website. Alongside beautiful web design and imagery, it will make your site stand out above the rest.

Our copywriters are professionals who understand persuasion, conversion, strategy, marketing, branding, and advertising. They have years of experience in writing for the web and deliver impactful words that convert.

Copywriting Services

Our copywriting services include

Full website content

You only have one chance to make a great impression. Professionally written copy on your website is as important as great design. It encourages your customers to buy and engage, highlights your point of difference, and improves your SEO.

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Product and category descriptions

Search is important when it comes to e-commerce. A good copywriter will list more than just the details of your product, they also highlight the benefits and perhaps add some humour or emotion to convince your audience to buy now.

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Blogs and news

Regular new content should be part of your marketing mix. Google will reward you with better rankings if your copy adds to the user experience. You need website copy that’s to the point, useful, and informative. You can achieve it with a blog.

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Social media content creation

Social media is a good way to promote your business and drive website traffic, but the content must be right. Social media means conversations and interaction via posts, stories, and chats. When done right, it can accelerate your business growth.

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Branded and sponsored content

With sponsored or branded content, meaning co-producing stories with others or paid posts on a different platform, can help you gain traction and build awareness for your brand. It also gives you valuable backlinks and can increase your reach.

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Media campaigns and press releases

For brand awareness and to tell your story, there’s nothing quite as effective as positive media coverage. Most publications and influencers work with a commercial model, but media coverage is still possible without a hefty bill. It’s done with good PR.

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Professional Copywriting

Why Choose Professional Copywriting?

Publishing a regular stream of well-written content on your website and social media channels is important for a successful online presence.

Sure, you can do the writing yourself, but keep in mind that the focus of a professional copywriter is to write clear, concise, unique, and error-free copy. It will save you a lot of time when you outsource the task. It allows you to keep your focus on your core business goals and operations.

A copywriter can capture your services and your brand like no other. He or she knows how to persuade your audience with words so they will make a purchase or take action. That’s not something you can achieve by using Grammarly.

Copywriting with an SEO Focus

Let’s dig a little deeper into how copywriting supports SEO. To fully understand the difference between copywriting and SEO writing, you need to look at your content marketing as a whole.

Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing content with the purpose of attracting, engaging, and converting leads. The content comes in all sorts of formats such as your e-newsletter, website pages, blog posts, videos, press releases, social media posts, and any other messaging that you can include in your marketing campaign.

While all these marketing assets require writing, they are not all written the same way. SEO writing, also known as on-page SEO, is a type of copywriting where the focus lies on creating content that is both search engine and user-friendly. Simple Brackets’ copywriters excel at this. They write in a search engine friendly way and enhance the user experience at the same time.

Keywords are important. But there’s more…

You need content for your website that aligns with what people search for, which is why an SEO-focused writer starts with keywords. In the text, they will use as many words as possible that people search for in relation to your product or service.

These words or phrases (long-tail keywords) direct the content they create for you. But they do it in a way that it’s easy to read, informative, emotive, and persuasive. It’s relevant and easy to read.

While it is important that your content is “crawlable”, one of the main things Google looks for in web copy is relevance. Google’s algorithms rank content based on user intent. Because the search engine algorithms are always changing, our copywriters also constantly upgrade their skills.

Research is a major factor in the copywriter’s work. They research your industry, your business and culture, find the most relevant keywords, and they take a close look at your direct competition. Then they write the text uniquely for you and your audience. It will make you shine and see you stand out from the rest.

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