What’s the most essential part of having a website? Your ideal customers should find you on the web without much trouble, right? What if you have a well-designed website that could instantly lead to conversions? But the problem is that when your target audience search for you they find your competitors before they find you. Having strong online visibility plays an important role in growing your business. This is where quality web hosting comes into the picture. You can host your website using any of the numbers of hosts available (some at a very low cost). But do all of them ensures your website appears on the top of search engines? No, they might sound promising but the results aren’t as you expect. Spending money on quality web hosts is one of those investments that are guaranteed to give fruitful returns. today, we will see why quality web host is critical for Search engine optimisation (SEO).


1. Website visibility

Let’s say your ideal customer is searching for you on the web but couldn’t find you. Why? Due to poor visibility. Uptime refers to the time your website is up and running on the web. It is considered as one of the most important factors while choosing a web host. It decides for how long your website is accessible and if the uptime is anywhere less than 99%, you need to reconsider your decision. Not being visible at all times can cost you too many potential customers.

Do not let your competitors with less potential than you stand out because of a good SEO ranking. Your host might promise you maximum uptime but you need to keep monitoring it from time to time to see if it is actually happening. In case it’s not, contact your host as soon as possible to fix the issue. It is crucial not only for your ideal customers but also for the crawlers to get easy access to your site to see if it deserves to move on the upper end.

2. Website loading speed

website hosting performance

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow loading speed. Your ideal customers got a lot of options to choose from, thereby meaning it wouldn’t take them long to switch. It is important to understand that a slow loading speed could either be because of your host or the content on your site. For example, the size of the images could also affect the loading speed. But much of the speed area is taken care of by the host. It is your responsibility to provide your audience with content as soon as they land on your site without any delay.

You need to keep a check on the loading speed since it keeps on fluctuating. Check out all the factors in your control and see if you can make improvements in case of slow loading speed. But even after doing everything, you find the same problem, contact your hosting service or developers and get it done right. Always remember that the loading speed is one of the main factors of google’s ranking algorithm. It always looks out for the best interest of the searchers. If your website cannot reach that level, you cannot expect it to rank higher. For keeping a check on the loading speed, there are a variety of tools available including uptrends, page-scoring, Google page speed insight, etc.

3. Website security

Website hosting security

Hackers are looking forward to getting into your website and generate fake backlinks. Having a quality web host ensures your site is safe and secured from all such fraudulent activities. Detecting that your website has been hacked is not always that obvious and it could take some time. All your efforts in creating and maintaining a perfect website for your target audience would go to waste. It is crucial to have a host that provides proper security to your website. Also, no one will open a site if there is a security warning popping up right before. All these factors must be observed before choosing the host. Customers consider security as one of the top factors before trusting businesses. You cannot expect them to trust a source that isn’t reliable.

4. Customer support service

Customer support

There definitely comes a time when your website faces certain problems. In such a scenario, you need the help of the experts immediately to identify the issues and get it resolved. A good web hosting provider must have solid customer support to address your hosting issues asap. Let’s be honest, with every passing moment, you are losing business. If you don’t get replies to your queries on time, how can you expect to get your issues fixed quickly? This is another area that needs proper attention. As a new website owner, you will definitely come across issues that you need assistance with. In such a scenario, having experts by your side to help you out will be more convenient.

If you are still worried about making the right decision then simplebracket’s WordPress hosting NZ assistance can help you out. We cover all essential areas and includes maintenance plans as well. By relying on us, you can get access to the best possible service which makes website management easier and quicker. Super secure options that help you stay connected to your customers at all times. After all, this is one of those areas that cannot be ignored, right?

The final verdict

From the above discussion, we could clearly see the importance of having a quality web host for SEO ranking. Keep in mind that it is important not only to have a good web host but also to keep a check from time to time if it’s working well. Avoid the drastic consequences of not choosing the right host. Since web hosting, companies might not be that prompt with the solution to your queries, binding yourself in any long-term agreement in the first go is not a great idea. Make sure you go for the minimum period first to see if it works well for your business. Once you are satisfied with the services, you can opt for more.