Are you one of those eCommerce website owners who completely depend on ads for boosting sales? If yes, you are doing it wrong since there are several ways you can improve your eCommerce website and generate more traffic. Now more than ever, consumers prefer shopping online, but the major issue is they have hundreds of websites to choose from.

In such a scenario, how can you drive their attention to your site and keep them for a longer time? Today, we will discuss some ways of improving your eCommerce website to immediately capture the attention of your target audience. Read further to save your budget from being spent on relentless promotion through advertisement.

Firstly, eCommerce website owners believe in the myth that your business cannot grow without heavy promotion through ads. This is not the case when you are aware of the right strategies. Questioning yourself is the first step to improving your eCommerce website. In the next section, you will come across certain essential questions. Go through them and focus on each one of them for a few minutes and take action to improve your eCommerce store.

Is your eCommerce website focusing enough on upselling?

Another important area of focus is upselling. Most of the top eCommerce websites including amazon generate a large share of revenue through upselling. It refers to recommending a better or premium option of the selected product or something that goes well with the one selected.
When people come across these products, they get curious and explore more, ending up purchasing things they never planned they would. Also, suggesting them premium products will build trust among your customers and develop a lasting relationship.

Are you building trust among your customers through social proof?

Not being able to physically see or touch the product often prevents potential customers from not purchasing the product, especially if they are new to your site. In such a scenario, what motivates them to make a purchase is the availability of reviews. Every time a person searches for a product he wants to purchase, he explores the review and rating section to see if it is worth the money. This builds trust among customers in case of more positive reviews.

Also, this speeds up the process of buying. No matter how well you talk about the product, people trust those who are actually using it. As an eCommerce store, you should always ask for reviews from your current customers in order to persuade your potential customers to make a purchase.


Is your site easily accessible on mobile devices?

More than half of the online shoppers make the purchase using their mobile devices. You never know who might be casually going through the site only to find themselves placing the order for multiple items. People love scrolling through eCommerce websites in their free time. Make sure your website is mobile-optimised to ensure your target customers find you easily.

Is your website’s first Impression good enough to retain visitors?

Having high-quality products is essential to crack sales, but what matters along with it, is the way you present them. Nobody likes exploring cluttered eCommerce websites. Focus on your presentation and ensure your visitor gets an idea about the type and range of products available on your website. Also, motivate them by putting in appealing offers in the front.

Most of the top eCommerce websites show off their best deals right at the beginning to compel visitors to explore more and make a purchase. In order to increase sales, convincing your ideal customers through your content should be your priority. Furthermore, focus on your website’s design since your site’s navigation should be user friendly for satisfying user experience.

Do you have a referral program on your eCommerce store?

Recommendation from close people never fail to work. Focus on your current customers and persuade them to refer your products to the people they know. This can be done by offering them discounts or other resources they would be interested in. The point here is to reward them appropriately and see what comes next. You will see an increased loyal customer base in no time.

Are you sending abandonment cart emails?

It might piss you off a little bit but online shoppers abandon their carts frequently. Right before placing the order, they might change their minds. But having abandoned carts do not rob you of the opportunity of making sales. Framing the right abandonment cart emails is essential to compel users to make the purchase. Remind them of the limited stock or their chance of getting a discount in the upcoming sale. Convince them enough to open your site and make the purchase but before that ensure they open your mails through a catchy subject line. Avoiding abandoned carts could cost you a lot, therefore, make sure you have a proper campaign covering it up.

Do you give enough importance to your current customers?

Developing customer loyalty is not an easy task. Your customers should feel valued in order for you to retain them. Use your email list and send regular emails to your current customers regarding the availability of new products, discounts, or sales. This will encourage them to return to your site and explore more. Since they have already purchased from your website once, they wouldn’t think much to go down that road again. Plan the emails right and see them finding their way back to you. Furthermore, email marketing never gets old, use it right, and see the results.

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Are you helping your potential customers when they get stuck?

All the first-time buyers have the chance of feeling stuck or confused at some point. In such a scenario, you must ensure they can contact you to clear their doubts. For doing that, have a chat system wherein they can instantly send you a message. Also, make sure you respond as quickly as possible to their queries since no one likes to wait for long.

Is your checkout process simple and quick?

Once your ideal customer adds something to the shopping cart, he probably doesn’t want to wait anymore. No one likes going through a typical checkout process. A time-consuming process might lead to an increase in the card abandonment rate. To avoid that, try to keep your checkout process as short and quick as possible. Also, no one wants to go through a number of products, choose one, and find out their preferred payment option isn’t available. Will that customer ever return? Probably not. For their convenience, add all possible payment options.

Do you wait for your ideal customers to return?

Let’s say a customer came across your website through a paid ad. After exploring your site, he plans on returning to complete the purchase. He is surely interested in buying your products but due to some reason; he postpones it. Do you think he will return a few days later? Probably not, or he might find better deals in the meantime.

To assure he makes the purchase without delaying it any further, you need to compel them to buy it at that time only. For doing that, offer them limited-time deal or free shipping on orders placed within 12 hours from now. This creates tension among customers, leading them to purchase in order to reap the benefits. If you haven’t used this technique in order to boost your sales quickly, go ahead and do it.

The final verdict

The above-mentioned questions will help you in getting a clear idea about the improvements required on your eCommerce website. Once you make these additions or changes on your site, you will see a drastic improvement in your sales. The sales are highly dependent upon the efforts you put in. Make sure you work on the required areas to give a great experience to your first-time visitors.

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