SEO improvement tips

15 Amazing SEO Hacks No One Talks About

Everyone who starts a blog but is not trained in content marketing, especially SEO, will go one of three ways. First, the person will try to work out how to do SEO on their own. They will scour through guides and articles to find the same old SEO tips and tricks, do a trial and error of the most…

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All you need to know about website navigation

You may not realise, but website navigation plays a huge part in customer experience and consequently, in search engine rankings. It determines the usability and user-friendliness of the site interface. Thus, it has a huge connection with how the user experience of visitors will be. Zooming…

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20 habits of website visitors to leverage for more traffic

There is a reason why people can be categorised and segmented by demography and psychography. The reason is that people behave predictably in a certain manner at certain stages and circumstances in their lives. While there will always be exceptions, they can be considered as outliers and ignored…

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Importance of good copywriting for a successful website

When creating content for a website (copywriting), you will often hear the statement “Content is king”. This is because no matter how good your web design is, if your content gives people laughs or headaches, they will instantly move on to the next search result, something that we today define as…

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Get ready for google page experience algorithm update. Will it affect your website SEO?

Google releases hundreds of updates every year. Most of them come without much fanfare because they are minor updates. Moreover, Google only releases four to five major updates, known as the core updates, per year, and these are the ones that affect the SEO algorithm Google uses in a major way.…

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Importants of customer testimonial

The importance of testimonials and how it affects the purchase decision

As far as we know, modern "business" rose to limelight in the sixth century (Greece). It was accompanied by virtue of FEEDBACK. The one who chose to garner this virtue dug the gold mine while the others only scratched the surface with a hope to make it big one day. And while hope is a big thing, it…

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