Importance of good copywriting for a successful website

When creating content for a website (copywriting), you will often hear the statement “Content is king”. This is because no matter how good your web design is, if your content gives people laughs or headaches, they will instantly move on to the next search result, something that we today define as…

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Get ready for google page experience algorithm update. Will it affect your website SEO?

Google releases hundreds of updates every year. Most of them come without much fanfare because they are minor updates. Moreover, Google only releases four to five major updates, known as the core updates, per year, and these are the ones that affect the SEO algorithm Google uses in a major way.…

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Importants of customer testimonial

The importance of customer testimonials and how it affects the purchase decision

As far as we know, modern "business" rose to limelight in the sixth century (Greece). It was accompanied by virtue of FEEDBACK. The one who chose to garner this virtue dug the gold mine while the others only scratched the surface with a hope to make it big one day. And while hope is a big thing, it…

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Ultimate Digital Marketing guide

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing- All the Know-Hows

Digital marketing, in simple terms, is plain marketing in a virtual platform. With the advent of the technological revolution we are witnessing, just about everything is going virtual. The number of internet users is on a constant rise tide, and the tide is not coming down anytime soon. Digital…

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A Comprehensive Analysis of the Relationship Between Website UX and SEO

Back in the day, keyword stuffing, content spinning, and other black hat SEO practices ruled the search engine rankings. Marketers who resorted to them suffered big time, and rightly so. They didn't update themselves with the legitimate process of becoming successful with SEO, or instead, they…

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Website Design SEO

Website hosting, does it affect your website SEO performance?

What’s the most essential part of having a website? Your ideal customers should find you on the web without much trouble, right? What if you have a well-designed website that could instantly lead to conversions? But the problem is that when your target audience search for you they find your…

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eCommerce store on mobile device

10 ways to boost sales on your eCommerce website

Are you one of those eCommerce website owners who completely depend on ads for boosting sales? If yes, you are doing it wrong since there are several ways you can improve your eCommerce website and generate more traffic. Now more than ever, consumers prefer shopping online, but the major issue is…

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Wordpress CMS

Is WordPress a great option for your website?

Almost every business nowadays requires a solid website to attract customers or act as an online marketplace for times when people may not shop in regular stores, such as the current situation with a global pandemic. The first thing that a person does when they're interested in a certain service or…

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Website traffic data analytics

Google algorithm updates that rolled out over the last 5 Years!

A pre-defined set of rules govern almost all tasks on a machine. Algorithms are complex mathematical formulas that program the computer to deliver the desired outcomes. Using a set of mathematical formulas, a Google algorithm adds the relevant sites to your search page. All the searches on the…

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Google analytics graph

How will pillar pages help your Google search rank?

Anyone who understands the bits and bytes of search engine optimisation (SEO) knows that it is dynamic and keeps changing. We need to update even the best strategies often because Search engines change their algorithms so rapidly. As a marketer, you would need to keep pace with these changes while…

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